The Last Word is the third and final installment of Quentin Crisp’s autobiography. The Last Word was written by Crisp with the help of his best friend, Phillip Ward, who tape-recorded and later transcribed Quentin’s words between 1997-1999. The Last Word was published on November 21, 2017, the eighteen-year anniversary of Crisp’s passing.

Published: November 2017 by MB Books

Co-Editors: Laurence Watts and Phillip Ward

Life After Phillip Morris is the second installment of the life story of gay, four-time prison escapee, fraudster and conman, Steven Russell. The first half of his life was made into the book/film I Love You Phillip Morris.

Published: July 2018 by MB Books

Co-Authors: Laurence Watts and Steven Russell

And One More Thing is a companion book to The Last Word, the third installment of Quentin Crisp’s autobiography, containing previously unpublished material, Crisp’s collected poems, and the script to his one-man show.

Published: December 2018 by MB Books

Co-Editors: Laurence Watts and Phillip Ward

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More Than Just A Flag is the autobiography of Trans Flag creator, trans activist and Navy veteran, Monica F. Helms. Monica’s book details the major events of her life, from childhood through to the book’s publication in 2019. Included are her service in the U.S. Navy as a submariner, and her personal journey to discovering her true self as a trans woman, including Helms’ creation of the Transgender Pride Flag in 1999.

Published: March 2019 by MB Books

Editor: Laurence Watts

Threesome is a collection of three comedic plays by Laurence Watts and Kevin Burnard.

Hollywood, set in Los Angeles over the Academy Awards buildup, ceremony and aftermath, tells the story of an American husband and wife, forced to take in a British couple – all Oscar hopefuls – when the Beverly Hilton is evacuated due to fire.

Murder At Magpie Hall, set in the 1930s, concerns a not-so-stealthy serial-killer picking off a group of aristocrats and servants, one by one, at one of England’s stately homes.

Lastly, The Gay Divorce concerns the breakup of two gay men, their rebound boyfriends, and a mid-life crisis, set in San Francisco around ten years after the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Published: December 2020

Co-Authors: Laurence Watts and Kevin Burnard

Poison & Bile at Christmas is a collection of comedic sketches and lyrics, themed around the holidays. It is the ideal anti-Christmas present, written by British-American author Laurence Watts. Tales from the book include: Kiddy-Fiddling Santa Claus, I Hate You Much More at Christmas, Office Christmas Party Prenup, Dear Vixen, Happy Holidays From The CEO, Carol Singers Come In The Night, Winter Play, Santa In Flight, Christmas Eve Break-Up, O’ Come Ye Ungrateful, Twas The Morning of Christmas, and many more.

Published: October 2021

Author: Laurence Watts

Mary Had a Little Lamb: A Definitive Corruption contains TWO HUNDRED original, adult retellings of the world-famous tale of a woman of non-descript age and her lamb. Dark, perverted and hopefully shocking, this is not intended for children. Or sheep who are sensitive and easily offended.

Published: April 2023

Author: Laurence Watts

More Mary Had a Little Lamb: A Definitive Sequel contains ANOTHER TWO HUNDRED original, adult retellings of the world-famous tale of a Mary and her malnourished. Twisted and disturbing (one hopes), this book is once again not intended for children.

Published: May 2023

Author: Laurence Watts