▪ The first half of Steven Russell’s life was made into the 2009 film ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’.
▪ Steven Russell is currently serving a cumulative 144-year sentence in a supermax prison in Texas, U.S.A., for aggregate theft and multiple prison escapes.

SAN DIEGO, June 26, 2018 – MB Books, LLC, (MB Books) today announces that Life After Phillip Morris, the second installment of the life story of gay, four-time prison escapee, fraudster and conman, Steven Russell, will be will be published worldwide on Friday, July 13, 2018.

The publication date coincides with the ‘same date’ as all four of Steven Russell’s prison escapes – 1) Friday, 13th March, 1992, 2) Friday, 13th July, 1996, 3) Friday, 13th December, 1996 and 4) Friday, 13th March, 1998. (Note: A quick fact check reveals that July 13th 1996 was actually a Saturday – Steven must have lost track of his days in prison). His offense history can be viewed on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Offender Search here, where he is misidentified as Steven L. Russell.

Steve Russell considers Life After Phillip Morris to be the ‘sequel’ to I Love You Phillip Morris, which was written by Steve McVicker, published by Miramax Books in 2003, and was made into the 2009 film I Love You Phillip Morris, in which Steven was portrayed by Jim Carrey with Ewan McGregor playing his lover Phillip Morris.

Life After Phillip Morris will be published in hardcopy and as an e-book and available to buy exclusively on Amazon.

About Steven Russell
Steven Jay Russell (born September 14, 1957) is a four-time prison escapee, fraudster, thief and con-artist, currently serving a 144-year sentence in solitary confinement at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Polunsky Unit. He was the subject of the 2009 film I Love You Phillip Morris, in which he was portrayed by Jim Carrey. His crimes and prison escapes have also been the subject of documentaries including the I Almost Got Away With It series on Discovery Investigation, and The Discovery Channel’s On The Run series. He co-wrote Life After Phillip Morris with Laurence Watts, published in 2018. Steven’s Wikipedia profile can be found here.